Hi there.

Where am I?

You are at flyt.


Are you feeling ok?

What is flyt?

Oh, cool, you are on board now. Well, flyt is on the far side of amazingly awesome. It is a power link shortener. Simply put we take an existing URL that's WAAAAAY to long and shorten it so that it is easier to market on social media.

Why is flyt different from other companies? I'll answer your question with a question? How much do you love money?

A whole bunch! Like a lot! We thought so. There are hundreds of others link shorteners, but flyt is the only one for commercial use that pays affiliate money. If you want to track affiliate cash with other sites, they will make you pay a premium. Well, that sucks. We know. So that is why we made ours free.


More free than expired milk in a dumpster and a lot less likely to make you sick. Other sites make money off your links and don't let you know. Not us. We want you to put that cash into your pocket.

What information does flyt collect and how is it used?

Trust issues? You've been hurt before. It is cool we are 100% transparent. We collect click analytics that tells you how many clicks your links get. Not only that but we can give you the geographic location, what device they are clicking on it from, and what they had for dinner!

Wow! Really?

Well, no. Not really. The dinner thing would just be creepy, but all the other stuff, yeah! On top of that, all the information collected is only available to the user of the account i.e. you.

How is my information protected?

Six teams of ninjas, four bouncers, and an angry looking cat keep guard of our servers while the top of the line security protocols take care of the user side. Ok, we might not have the ninjas or the bouncers, but the cat is particularly mean looking. We also use 64bit encryption and the latest protection software.

How do I create a flyt link?

You can use it now. Anyone can create a link. Your old neighbor that keeps calling it "The Facebook" can use it. However, if you want to unlock the mighty tracking power of flyt than you need to register for an account. It is easy to sign up and free. After that create you link and that baby is live!

Does flyt track my link? Does a bear poop in the woods?

I would hope so. Us too, wouldn't want to walk in on that in the middle of the night in my bathroom. When you are using flyt every click is tracked and reported back to you. Straightforward and efficient.

How do I make money?

Now we are talking! It is easy; iTunes, Google Play, and other stores have affiliate sales generated revenue and if you link to a product through flyt that makes a sale than we pay whopping 80% back to you!

That sounds easy! How do I receive my money?

It is easy, and effective and you can be earning those fat stacks ASAP! We send out your money once a month (on the 15th to be exact) as either an ACH Transfer or a bank check. Your choice.

How secure is your system to provide my banking information?

Remember that sweet 64bit encryption we talked about before? BAM! It is back to give you piece of mind while you are making them links and your cash soar!

What happens if I do not receive my money?

If you believe there is a non-payment then, all you need to do is ask one of our helpful staff, and they will help you out. You should know that everyone that registers with us will be requested for their preferred payment option up front so that we can get them processed as soon as possible.

Is there a minimum before I receive my money?

There is. We need to make sure that the cost of sending the check or ACH is not more than the amount of the ACTUAL check. So the transfer minimum is $5.

What if I have questions or concerns?

Email info@flyt.it and one of our folks will get back to you right away...unless they are trying to get their lunch back from the security cat. In which case you'll need to allow them time to eat and get a bandage on their wounds, and they will help you.

Why should you create tracking tags?

Tracking tags are a must if you want the ability to remarket a URL and once the tracking tags have been set up you can send those monsters out on all social media platforms and get them working for you.

Who uses flyt?

More like who does not! We have users in the entertainment industries, at record labels, people who are an independent artist, concert promoters, and pretty much anyone who wants to make money. Sound like you?

Why should I use flyt?

Because you like money and all the wonderful things that it can do for you. If you want to make money off sales and be able to track traffic behind the sales then you need flyt!

What if I want the money to be sent to someone else?

To keep things straightforward and secure we can only send it to the person who is registered to the account. If you want to send the fund on to someone else, you'll have to wait to get the funds and send them to yourself. Maybe add a nice card or some chocolates with it. It is classy.

Are there specific domains for which I get paid, or it works for all websites?

We are adding more all the time, but as of the last update, we are paying out for Google Play and iTunes affiliate accounts. However, watch this space for announcements on new sites that are added!

Can I set destination URL for specific devices or countries?

Heck yeah, you can! Now you are talking like Tony Stark! You can drive specific links to the relevant device or geographic store to make sure your sales are spot on for the market.

Can I give access to any other user?

If that is your desire, then you can do it. You can grant access to view URL information to anyone you choose. Just let them know about the cat, though....you do not want that as a surprise.

What is a flyt Account?

A license to print money...well, a legal way. It is a way so that you can get income off of sales from links you make to products in the Google Play and iTunes stores.

Do you send checks wherever I am in the world? Currency?

Unfortunately, not. At this time, we can only send funds within the US and in US Dollars. The finest kind. Made from the feathers of a bald eagle that were shed in battle!